Radio talk show host Mel Kirby approaches Lucas for help in bringing his show to television. When Lucas refuses, Mel vows to ruin Lucas. Meanwhile a depressed Caleb decides to give Merlyn a second

Lucas may have corrupted the local priest, Father Tilden, and he may be able to take his revenge on towns-people who cross his path, but not even he can control the seemingly miraculous activities of the dead Merlyn, determined to make Lucas answer for his crimes.

A sudden mysterious bleeding illness quickly spreads through Trinity, causing death and devastation, as well as the arrival of a new doctor, Billy Peele. As the towns-people fall victim to the plague, Matt suffers a breakdown and Lucas turns to Billy for help.

Dr Matt decides to re-investigate the death of Merlyn. He is also curious when a woman checks into his hospital as Mrs Smith. She begins to tell Matt all about the evil of Lucas and how she wants to kill him.

After Caleb is electrocuted and dies at the hospital, Lucas steps in and brings the boy back to life. Lucas and Caleb then forge a bond when facing matters of life and death.

Merlyn leads Ben to a house that turns out to be the place that Judith Temple used to help abandoned children. With Gail, Ben discovers drawings bt the young children as well as several drawings of Lucas done with a great  love by Judith.

Upon Gail's announcement that she is leavingTrinity, she collapses in Lucas's office and is taken to hospital, where she is told that she is pregnant. Gail threatens to have an abortion and even attempts suicide  because she knows that she is carrying Lucas's evil offspring.

Lucas calls on the ghost of the Boston Strangler to come and kill Merlyn, sending her to oblivion. Lucas leaves town to attend a convention. Albert De Salvo - aka the Boston Strangler, decides to do more then just kill Merlyn.

Yancy can't find certain files on his sick wife and believes that Lucas has them. Billy and Selena go to Lucas's house to look for the missing files and end up making love in Lucas's bed. This is not safe sex.


Caleb tries to find the full extent of his powers by trying to kill Gail and her unborn child, leaving him sole heir of Lucas's will. But when Lucas finds out what Caleb is planning, he tries to save Gail. Lucas and their baby. Caleb end up having a final evil face-off.

                    THE END

**Special thanks to Fiona and Chris for supplying the great screencaps :-)