1.                      : The scene - Lucas and Selena in her bathroom. Look closely when Selena is in the shower, you will clearly see  flesh colored towel covering her upper body (Submitted by Kelly).


                 :: The scene - Gail in her car trying to leave Trinity. [And escape Lucas.] When she sees Lucas standing in the middle of the road, we see her foot as she slams it on the brake. Notice that we see the driver wearing a skirt and black sandals, yet when Gail gets out of the car she is wearing jeans and boots. [Submitted by Kelly.] (They used an old shot from A Tree Grows In Trinity when Gail slams the brakes in that episode :-))


                                              /                   /                   : The scene - The Changing Graveyard.  In A Tree Grows In Trinity, we see Gage and Merlyn being buried in a small graveyard that contains plain tombstones, and is surrounded by a crumbling wall and a rusty fence. Yet in other episodes, (Strangler in particular) the graveyard is clearly bigger, surrounded by many trees. There are also different types fof tobmbstones. [Submitted by Bucksangel.]


                     : The scene - The locket chain that keeps changing lengths. Look closely and you will that Merlyn's locket chain keeps changing lengths. In two scenes - when she meets with FatherTilden in the motel, and when she appears to Brian, the lawyer, as the waitress, the chain is short. Yet in other scenes the chain is long. [Submitted by Bucksangel.]


5.    1
                       : (Notice the time that some episodes take place.) The scene - In the Pilot, the corn is high, so you'd suppose it's late summer or early autumn - say August/September. Lucas says something to the effect that Matt had been giving him trouble since having come to Trinity last autumn, which would indicate that Matt had been there for about a year. Then in Eye of the Beholder, Dan Trulane says at Caleb's hearing that he has known Matt "for about six months, since he joined us." So if Matt arrived about six months ago, that would have been in Spring, NOT in the autumn as Lucas said.

The same thing happens in The Plague Sower. The scene - When Billy records his conclusions on tape, he gives the date as "January 11, 1996." According to the script, he should say "April 8, 1996." But later, in the infamous 'garden scene', they write "...pushing her deeper into the earth, into the fallen leaves." So that would have to be autumn or early winter. [Submitted by Chris Berni.]


6.                                    : The scene - Now you see it, now you don't. Watch closely in the scene in the car on the way to the cabin. One minute Caleb is wearing his seat belt, then the camera goes to Lucas and when it pans back to Caleb, the seat belt is gone. [Submitted by Fiona.]


7.                          : The scene - The amazing changing hairstyle. Watch how up until the moment Lucas stops Gail outside her family's old cabin, Lucas' hair is soft and wavy. Then outside the cabin, it's slicked back. Then in the cabin, it's back to soft and wavy. [Submitted by Fiona.]


8.                                         : The scene - The incredible growing vestibule. We first see the interior of the Buck mansion in Ring of Fire,when Gail came through the back door into the downstairs hall. In  The Buck Stops Here, we see Lucas enter the same hall through the front door. Somehow, between these two episodes, the hall has grown significantly and the tiles have changed [Submitted by Fiona.]



1.                              : The Scene - Here is one that I know everyone has noticed. There is always a full moon over Trinity.


                            : The scene - Maybe I have been watching too closely, but I have noticed something about Lucas - the last button on his vests are never done up. Check it out and see what I mean.


                                                              : The scene - Like Father, Like Son moment. In a Tree Grows In Trinity we see Caleb standing in the road facing Gail's oncoming car, and she has to hit the brakes to prevent the car from hitting him. Remind you of someone?


4.                       : The scene - Back in the shower. Selena's hands and arms are covered in blood when Lucas lifts her out of the bath. Her hands clearly brush up against his pristine white shirt, yet there is no blood visible on it. Is this yet more proof that nothing can dirty that perfect appearance?


5.                   :
The scene - Another Like Father, Like Son moment. Take a look at Caleb's behaviour when Gail visits him in his room and how he looks when he lights that match. Now compare it to the scene when Lucas is sitting in his office, and lights the match that sets into motion that spell on Selena.


6.               : The scene - Merlyn and Ray in the park - Notice that when we see Merlyn and Ray out on their date, that there is a quarter moon overhead. Yet later, when Lucas takes Ray to dig up Merlyn's grave, once again the moon is full.