"I've heard it said that the American Dream is a thing of the past. That the basic tenants of home, job and family are slipping away. Well not in my town...Where I come from, that dream is still a reality. 'Course you have to know who's boss. For those who follow my lead life can be a paradise. But for those who don't...it can be a mighty rough road." - Lucas Buck

A dangerous and darkly seductive man: Lucas is possessed of supernatural abilities and appears when and where you least expect him. He knows all your secrets and weaknesses. Lucas controls and manipulates the people of Trinity, usually bringing about their destruction. If you cross him, watch your back. However, Lucas is happy to give you any help you need. But one day he will come knocking and say "Time to pay up", and if you don't...well there's going to be hell to pay. Of course you don't have a choice about whether to accept his offer of help or not. It's a case of 'damned if you do, damned if you don't.'

Lucas raped Caleb's mother and he was conceived. Caleb struggles with the truth that Lucas is his father, but is slowly coming around to accepting it. It was on his tenth birthday that he found out about Lucas, after his father Gage killed his sister and subsequently committed suicide. Caleb, now legally an orphan. was put in the custody of boarding house owner, Loris Holt, much to the annoyance of Lucas, who tried to gain custody of him first.

Merlyn is Caleb's sister. She was present the night Lucas raped their mother, causing her to become emotionally disturbed, only ever saying "Someone's at the door..." [the phrase she spoke when she answered the door to Lucas before the rape.] Ten years later her father triesto kill her. Lucas arrives in time to stop Gage...only to kill her himself. Now as an avenging spirit, she acts as Caleb's guardian, trying to keep him from turning out to be like Lucas, while trying to prevent Lucas from destroying more lives.

Gail is a reporter who returns to Trinity after she learns about the deaths of her cousin Caleb's sister and father. Her parents where the editors of the Trinity Guardian, who were killed in a fire when she was a girl. On her return she learns that it was Sheriff Buck who discovered the bodies. She suspects he may have been involved in their deaths. Although she is out to get Lucas and prove he killed her parents, she finds herself falling in love with him.

Selena is the gentle, nurturing, school-teacher by day and  Lucas's mistress by night. She usually does without thought, whatever Lucas asks of her. Part of the attraction she has for Lucas is his power and part his seductive charm. But with the arrival of Billy Peele, she sees a new object for her interest. An interest that could threaten the hold Lucas has on her.

Up until his nervous breakdown Matt was the local doctor. A recovering alcoholic, he lost his wife and daughter in a car crash in which he was driving, drunk. He came to Trinity to start over, and was one of the few who stood up to Lucas. He became somewhat of a father figure to Caleb. [A fact that Lucas hated.] But Matt went off the deep end and tried to kill Lucas, resulting in him being committed to Juniper House Sanatorium.

Ben is Lucas's hapless downtrodden deputy. He witnessed Lucas killing Merlyn, a sight that continues to haunt him. Ben knows alot more about what Lucas has done, but has never said anything, asfor various reasons he is indebted to Lucas, and  like many he is afraid of Lucas. However, once in a while he summons the courage to do the right thing. Especially when Merlyn appears to him telling him."Don't bury the truth."

Billy is the CDC (Centres for Disease Control) Doctor who arrives in Trinity to investigate the mysterious bleeding disease affecting the townspeople. After Dr. Matt Crower's breakdown, he stays to take over Matt's position as doctor. Right from the beginning Billy proves that he has no fear of Lucas and stands up to him, without regard for the consequences. He too is attracted to Selena, but doesn't trust her completely because of her strong connection to Lucas.