1.  "Did I ever tell you about the illusion of freewill?" Lucas to Gail - Echo Of Your Last Goodbye.

2.  "You're not even human." - Gail "Well some would consider that a positive, not a negative." Lucas in response to Gail - Triangle.

3.  "Ma'am you all ready have my attention...Sheriff Lucas Buck, um that's Buck with a B." Lucas  to Gail upon meeting her - A Tree Grows In Trinity.

4   "I'm not Lassie yet, son." Lucas to Caleb - The Beast Within.

5.  "I suggest the next time the mood strikes, you reach for yourself." Selena to Lucas - Meet The

6.  "Selena honey, this was not safe sex." Lucas referring to Selena having been in his bed with Billy -  Requiem.

7.  " These things have a thousand uses." Lucas referring to shovel - Strong Arm Of The Law.

1.  The Garden Scene - When Gail and Lucas make love for the first time - The Plague Sower.

2.  The scene where Matt punches Lucas in the hospital - The Beast Within.

3.  The car scene when Lucas gives his version of what happened the night of Holly G's accident, and ends up kissing Gail, telling her is a romantic too. - Dead To The World

4.  Lucas tempting Matt with a drink and the promise of oblivion - To Hell And Back.

5.  The scene where Lucas slaps Selena - Requiem.

6. The scene in the jail where  Lucas has Lowell hanging by his belt - Strong Arm Of The Law.

7.  The scene where Lowell comes to post bail for his friends and Lucas and Ben deal with him when he gets out of hand. - Stong Arm Of The Law.