Bev's American Gothic

American Gothic Tarot

Has a fantastic selection of videoclips and an extensive list of related links. A Must see!

A site with something wonderfully different.

Gothic-Phantoms American Gothic

A great resource page for all that extra bit of information on and behind the scenes of American Gothic.  Plus a truly superb gallery that is sure to tantalise.

Ourdramaqueens American Gothic Page

Under Construction

Absolutely American Gothic

Has a nice selection of pic's and multimedia.

American Gothic: iMDB

Contains a good selection of the best quotes from the show.

Becky's American Gothic Page

Elaines American Gothic Montage

American Gothic: Welcome To Virtual Trinity

Fan fiction picking up where the series ended off. Virtual Season 2 and Virtual Season 3.

The Trinity Book Store

A wonderful selection of fan fiction based on American Gothic, including great cross over stories.

The Gary Cole Archives

The only and best resource site for all you want to know about Gary Cole. His past, present and future roles in TV, Movies,Theatre and more...

The Space Witches Site

Lucas Buck doesn't just get up to his tricks in Trinity...A crossover fan fic of epic proportions.

Contains ruminations and pic's.

Contains a good gallery of pics.

The American Gothic DVD Petition

You want to see American Gothic reborn on DVD?  With wondeful extra's such as interviews with cast?  Cast member's reviewing an episodes and much more?  Then what are you waiting for GO SIGN!!! *g*