Welcome to Trinity, South Carolina. A picture post-card town, which on the surface appears to offer sanctity and serenity to all who live there. However, look deeper and all is not what it appears to be. For at the heart of Trinity stands one man, Sheriff Lucas Buck.  A man possessed of a dark, seductive charm and supernatural abilities. Lucas controls and manipulates the lives of the towns-people, bringing out the worst  in them and destroying their lives. Although it is obvious to some how dangerous Lucas is, most of the people in town try not to rock the boat.
Thankfully, there are those who have the courage to stand up to Lucas and to prove to others what he is capable of. There is Doctor Matt Crower, a recovering alcoholic, who tries to redeem himself after the death of his family in a car accident, in which he was behind the wheel, by standing up to Lucas. No one stands up to Lucas more than reporter Gail Emory, cousin to Caleb Temple (whom we discover is really Lucas's son). Gail returns to Trinity after she learns about the deaths of Caleb's father and sister. She stays to look out  for Caleb and to learn if Lucas may have been the one responsible for her parents mysterious deaths years before. Lucas's final adversary comes in the form of Caleb's sister Merlyn, (who was murdered by Lucas). As an avenging Angel/Ghostly protector, Merlyn tries to get others like Ben Healy, the Sheriff's hapless deputy, to make a stand against Lucas. Her main aim however, is to keep Lucas from Caleb and to prevent her brother from following in his father's footsteps

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